Join Us

You have taken the first step on a great journey! You could make a better business presentation, give a speech at a wedding or a birthday, chair a meeting, propose a toast, say what you mean at work, or give a vote of thanks – in fact make any kind of speech you want. You are welcome to come to our meetings as a guest, and if you like what you see, you may decide to join the wonderful world of Toastmasters, where you will make many new friends, and in the process, improve your speaking skills and general confidence.


– Where can I see what you do at the club? Please follow us on Facebook and YouTube to see what we get up to and view some of the speeches our members have delivered.

– How much does it cost? – Membership is renewed every six months, in April and October, and currently costs £45 twice-yearly. This covers the hire of the hall and other expenses. When you first join there is also a “one off” fee which is currently £16, to cover your registration onto the Toastmasters International system as a member, and to pay for your first two manuals.

– What if you join part-way through the six-month period? Membership cost is effectively £7-50/month. You get a pro-rata reduction if joining part-way through the normal half-yearly periods.

– What do you get when you join the club? As outlined above, your membership is acknowledged by Toastmasters Head Office in California, and you will receive your first two manuals, which have been designed to guide you through your first 10 speeches, and the other challenges you may choose to meet within the club, such as carrying out speech evaluations for others, and taking part in various parts of running your club, which will be acknowledged by your fellow members. Don’t forget to bring the manuals to each meeting, where you can be given credit for any roles you perform.

– You will also receive your monthly copy of the Toastmaster magazine, which contains interesting articles, and hints and tips from your fellow members around the world. You will also have access to the “D71” UK-based website, which contains more information about the clubs around us, and future events in the UK.

– Is there any help to get started? Many of those joining Toastmasters for the first time experience a mixture of excitement and anxiety about what lies ahead. Fear not, you are in good company, we have all been through it! Be assured you are amongst friends who are there to help you, if help is required. Your Competent Communication manual will show you the outline themes for your first 10 speeches, and gives a fair amount of guidance in writing. If you would also like some face-to-face assistance from a more experienced speaker, there are many within Camberley Speakers who are willing to give up some of their time to do this.

If you decide to join……….Welcome to the world of Toastmasters!